A1 Austria partners up with Lifemote to deliver best-in-class home WiFi

VIENNA, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/– Lifemote, a leading provider of cloud based AI-driven WiFi Analytics, in partnership with Match-Maker Ventures, the expert on corporate venturing and scaleup- corporate collaboration, and A1, the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Austria providing service to the majority of homes, today announced the availability of their fully rolled out, innovative Wi-Fi analytics solutions in the field.

  As an integral part of A1’s strategy to offer the best possible network experience, the Austrian telecom giant partnered up with Lifemote to proactively assess and improve Wi-Fi network quality across their entire installed base. With this integration, Lifemote’s CPE-agnostic solution will be deployed in most Austrian homes, where it will enable customers to get the most out of their home Wi-Fi. Thanks to Lifemote’s powerful cloud analytics, easy-to-use proactive analytics interfaces, robust APIs, and lightweight CPE agent that requires no firmware integration, A1 and Lifemote were able to bring the integrated system into production in under two quarters.

“Team Lifemote is deeply excited to launch with A1, whose tradition of excellence and deep technical expertise continues to impress us” said Dr. Eren Soyak, co-founder and CEO of Lifemote. “We expect A1’s insightful integration of Lifemote analytics into their workflows to be majorly visible in terms of First Call Resolution and user satisfaction by the end of the year.

“Our partners from Lifemote have shown that they are a strongly motivated and competent team with high flexibility” said Philipp Röhm, Director Network Access & Control at A1 Austria. “They care about quality of service and are able to adapt special requirements as well as implement changes quickly.”

“We are proud to have powered this collaboration from end-to-end by matching Lifemote’s innovative solution with A1’s needs and goals to strengthen their fixed network offerings,” said Dr. Nicolai Schättgen, CEO and Founder of Match-Maker Ventures. “Lifemote’s AI-driven Wi-Fi analytics will drive significant impact with A1, ensuring that their customers receive the best home Wi-Fi experience.”

About Lifemote

Lifemote is a SaaS platform for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), that enables ISPs with tools to improve subscribers’ home WiFi Quality of Experience (QoE), and allows them to proactively take initiatives to deliver best customer experience and to  boost key business metrics. Adopting Lifemote allows ISPs to provide fast and effective customer support, resulting in high subscriber satisfaction and reduced cost of customer ownership.

Low integration, fast launch and working with any CPE vendor places Lifemote in a favored position in the market especially for ISPs with multi-vendor deployments. Lifemote is deployed in more than 1.5 million homes and trusted by a variety of ISPs ranging from large Tier 1 operators to regional ISPs in Norway, the Netherlands and the UK.

About A1 Austria

A1 Telekom Austria Group, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with around 26 million customers, currently operating in seven countries under the brand A1: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Slovenia, the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia.

Offering communications, payment and entertainment services as well as integrated business solutions, A1 Telekom Austria Group achieved revenues of 4.75 billion Euros by year end 2021. Around 18,000 employees and state of the art broadband infrastructure make digital business and lifestyle possible and enable people, companies and things to connect everywhere anytime. As European unit of América Móvil, one of the largest wireless services provider in the world, A1 Telekom Austria Group is headquartered in Vienna and gives access to global solutions.

About Match-Maker Ventures

Match-Maker Ventures (MMV) drives tangible business impact by matching the innovation power of high-growth tech companies with the assets of large corporates. Our thoroughly vetted portfolio scaleups have proven their value through 100+ impactful collaborations across 50+ countries in telecom, financial services, e-commerce, and beyond. Our global network of 130+ senior industry experts enables us to identify the best-fitting solutions for the dynamic needs of organizations, creating “perfect matches” by leveraging our network’s combined industry expertise. Through a match-making process, MMV ensures the right partners collaborate in the right way at the right time.

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