Lifemote finalist at Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge
Seven AI startups from all over the world have been narrowed down to three finalists in the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge. The finalists utilised AI to create value for Elisa customers and will now progress to pitch in Slush with the chance of winning 50,000 Euros.

The three finalists that will pitch in Slush: Lifemote predicts a problem in home WiFi service before a customer even knows there is one. Signality uses computer vision in sports footage for creating real time user selected stats and analysis. Nitor have designed an emotion tracking service in Elisa stores to improve customer experience. 

– The Elisa Co-Creation Challenge is exciting because it combines the informal, fast-turnaround startup attitude and ability to play what-if games with the strengths of an established corporation such that everyone wins. While the competing companies are in different points of their lifecycle, all are innovative and ambitious, and the scope refreshingly broad. I definitely want to see more of this in the future, says Jaakko Lehtinen, Associate Professor at Aalto University and Principal Research Scientist, NVIDIA Research.

– Artificial intelligence is becoming ever more powerful and important as data volumes and computing power increases. Creating new products and services with AI begins with fast experimentation. That’s what the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge is all about, comments Henri Korpi, Elisa´s Executive Vice President in New Business Development.

The finale will be held on Wednesday 5th December 10.00–10.30 at Slush Helsinki, when the finalists will pitch their products for a chance of winning 50,000 Euros.

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