Happy “Know Your Customer” Day!

Success through Customer Knowledge

The success of a business is best defined by its customers and the key to success is knowing your customer! However, getting to know your customer can be significantly challenging, especially if you are a B2B enterprise because your customers are also business enterprises that have customers of their own! This doubles the challenge of knowing your customers because you also have to know about their customers.

Almost every successful business has a motivation behind all their work and that is not just creating a profitable organization but making an impact on the world that is going to make people happy. Luckily, in this line of work, the “customers of our customers” are everyone else in the world and all they want is reliable and fast in-home Wi-Fi connectivity”. Hence, this is the primary goal Lifemote shares with its customers! As utopic as this sounds, the other common goal is to make some profit while assuring excellence in Wi-Fi naturally. 

Identifying the goals might be simple, yet achieving them together is not so easy. In the past four years, both the usage of and expectancy from in-home Wi-Fi networks have exponentially increased, mainly due to the evolution of the world after the pandemic. The habit of working from home and resorting to digital entertainment at home has become a norm in the post-pandemic era. Even in 2024, a significant number of businesses still support remote or hybrid working environments. Naturally, most service providers were not ready for such a swift and permanent evolution, at least with their existing toolkit.

Who are they anyway?

Lifemote is a SaaS company, currently operating in six countries and analyzing over 30 million wireless devices every minute to provide visibility on ISPs, which was lacking even before the pandemic. The organization even has a dedicated Customer Success Team responsible for ensuring the usage of the product to its full potential while acting as a consultant on how to best integrate with existing services, in the pursuit of achieving the shared goals. The rich Lifemote product suite consists of Reactive, Proactive and SelfCare. Each of these different branches has specific users of their own. Let’s take a look at the distribution and definitions of these users.

  • 1st Line (48%): Covering the majority share, which is almost half of the user base, the first line of support is the main user of the Reactive branch. They are utilizing advanced analytics in a simplified yet effective way to increase First Call Resolution and decrease the Truck Rolls along with the Repeated/Escalated Calls.

  • 2nd Line (29%): Covering almost one-third of the user base, the second line of support is also one of the main users of the Reactive branch, having a more advanced and in-depth technical view compared to the 1st Line, focusing on corner cases and technically challenging issues to make Truck Rolls the very last resort.

  • Analyst (17%): This group of users utilizes the Proactive branch and consists of two very different types of personas.

    Data Analysts from Marketing/Business departments looking to generate some revenue with upsell opportunities or cut some costs by reaching out to the problematic customers even before they call.

    CPE/Network Engineers from NetOps/Network Technologies teams looking to monitor and maintain the performance of the CPEs and the Network itself in terms of hardware, software and infrastructure.

  • ISP Admin (6%): Even though this seems like the least crowded user group, they are in fact one of the most common users relative to the availability of their position. These users are supervisors and directors who oversee the aforementioned operations and always want to stay in the loop.  

Verba volant, scripta manent

Excellence in Wi-Fi assurance is a tough challenge, which can be tackled with more visibility. However, you cannot expect everyone to be a Wi-Fi expert, especially those who need visibility – i.e. the support agents. Investing a lot in a variety of tools and training sessions may have low return, as being a 1st Line support agent might not be a lifelong career goal for most hence the turnover rates are quite high. Therefore, the brought visibility should be clear to every agent even with little to no training.

Lifemote thrives on the success of its customers; hence the dedicated Customer Success Team is always in contact with them, helping with better understanding and utilization of the visibility provided. The success criteria of the team are quite direct;

  1. Customers are comfortable with using the tool.

  2. Customers are observing the impact created by the tool.

There is a Latin proverb; verba volant, scripta manent, more commonly known as “spoken words fly away, written ones remain”. Even though the team verbally receives feedback regarding the product and shares the knowledge with the Product and Engineering teams, it is always a great idea to get them in writing!

A customer satisfaction survey conducted by Lifemote in 2023 asked their customers to rate their Overall Satisfaction with the tool, as well as the tool’s User Friendliness and Ease of Navigation out of 10. The results indicate that the first goal is on track, however this is an endless marathon and keeping the satisfaction up is as important as reaching high satisfaction scores.

In the very same survey, Lifemote also wanted to assess the business impact, which translates to the second goal. Survey results indicate that the biggest impact is created on resolving the complaint during the first contact along with increased customer satisfaction and less dependency on technician site visits. This is a quite natural and expected result, as the majority of the voters were from the 1st Line of Support.

Lifemote will keep running this endless marathon by continuously learning more about existing and new partners along with all of their customers.

Excellence in Wi-Fi Assurance

Lifemote’s rich product suite of Reactive, Proactive and SelfCare combined with the expert team of Wi-Fi professionals who are eager to further expand their customer knowledge can help you fulfill your customers one and only desire:

“A reliable and fast in-home Wi-Fi connectivity for everyone!”

If you are already a partner, which KPI do you think is improved by how you utilize the Lifemote products? If you have not met the Lifemote team already, which KPI would you like to improve and what is holding you back from reaching out to us?

About the Author:

Mertkan Koca
Customer Success Manager

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