CableLabs Innovation Showcase
Wi-Fi You Can See: Lifemote Networks’ Technology Voted Best New Innovation in CableLabs Innovation Showcase Presented by UpRamp
Istanbul, Turkey – April 15, 2019 – After participating in the Innovation Showcase at the CableLabs® Europe Conference in London last week, Lifemote Networks was voted Best New Innovation for its unique cloud analytics technology.
Innovation Showcase at the CableLabs® Europe Conference
Co-founder and CEO Dr. Eren Soyak at the CableLabs Innovation Showcase

Founded in 2017 by Wi-Fi industry veterans, Lifemote enables cable companies to proactively maintain home Wi-Fi networks using cloud analytics. At the Innovation Showcase, Lifemote co-founder and CEO, Dr. Eren Soyak, provided an overview of the ground-breaking system, which enables service providers to get a snapshot of their full network health and begin proactive maintenance of home Wi-Fi in as little as three months from kickoff. This technology enables users to reduce customer connectivity complaints by over 10 percent in the first year.

“We are extremely excited to be able to offer such a fast-to-the-field, hardware agnostic, no-lock-in product to service providers of all sizes,” said Dr. Soyak. “We believe 2019 will be the year the most innovative providers will begin performing real proactive network maintenance, transforming the experience for the consumer.”

Presented by UpRamp, a CableLabs subsidiary that fast-tracks later-stage startups into the cable industry, the Innovation Showcase is an opportunity for a select handful of startups to pitch technology to an exclusive audience of CableLabs executives and technology leaders.

The Innovation Showcase is not a typical “pitch” event because its purpose is to connect innovative startups with a powerful industry to help them get noticed, get deals, and even funded or acquired. Through the Innovation Showcase, UpRamp has featured 268 companies on stage that have had over $2 billion dollars in venture raised with 5% going public and 30% being acquired.

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