Lifemote won Elisa’s AI competition and 50,000 euros
Finale of the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge took place at Slush 2018 today. From the three finalist teams Lifemote was named the winner and had the prize of 50 000 euros.

In the renewed Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge participating teams developed business from data together with Elisa. Teams utilized AI to solve problems in Elisa’s business areas all the way from entertainment to industrial IoT and customer service.

Lifemote predicts a problem in home WiFi service before a customer even knows there is one. The solution does not only predict potential issues but can also identify customers that will be affected by the problem. This way service provider has a chance to ensure the adept resources to help customers face the problem or even to solve the problem before it actually becomes visible to the customer.

– We are really excited to work with Elisa, through the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge we got to know most of the important stakeholders for whom we would create value. The speed and openness with which this happened was incredibly impressive. We believe Elisa is the ideal pilot customer for our new AI system, tells Eren Soyak from Lifemote.

The two other teams that competed in the finale in Slush today were Signality, that uses computer vision in sports footage for creating real time user selected stats and analysis and Nitor, who designed an emotion tracking service in stores to improve customer experience. The judges that picked the winner in the finale were Giulio Jacucci FCAI (Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence), Pirkka Palomäki from Maki.VC and Liisa Puurunen from Elisa.

– Lifemote are deserving the 50,000 Euros, showing clear value for improving operations on customer service. Providing visibility of customer WiFi issues and predicting who are those suffering most. That makes it possible to proactively improve the customer experience, says Liisa Puurunen.

This year the competing teams were coached by FCAI and Dain Studios. The mission of the competition was to create AI products that tackle both service providers’ and consumers’ everyday problems and that could be pitched in a common sense way. Finally the teams were aiming at developing a minimum viable product by the end of the competition.

The winner of Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge 2018
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