Lifemote will be presenting at Telecompaper Innovation Awards 2022!

One of the most prestigious and exciting events in the telecommunications industry, the Telecom Insights Event, will be presenting and awarding innovations and startups this year on 25 May. 

The prestigious news outlet shortlisted five startups that enhance the quality of telecommunications with innovative solutions to compete at the event. We are proud to announce that Lifemote has been chosen in this year’s shortlist to compete and present our groundbreaking solution in the Telecompaper Innovation Awards.

Wi-Fi is our life!

Lifemote‘s mission is to enable every home with strong & reliable Wi-Fi and deliver the best-in-class service to every broadband subscriber in the world. We set out to complete this mission by creating proactive maintenance platforms that detect and suggest solutions to the many technical complications of home Wi-Fi issues that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not have visibility to.

The Economic Impact of Wi-Fi

There’s no doubt that the demand for household wireless connectivity is only going to rise, making Internet Service Providers find new solutions to deliver more seamless connection experiences across the board. Although Internet Service Providers all around the globe invest millions and billions of euros into infrastructure, technical equipment, customer premise hardware and software, call centers, and technical support to ensure connectivity quality, they still struggle to maintain seamless, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only is high-quality connectivity is a basic human need, especially in the post-pandemic era, but it also has an immediate -and often hidden- economic impact on the ISPs.

Today, on average every household internet subscribers leave a complaint call to ISPs every year, and more than 60% of the calls are related to Wi-Fi problems. More than 20% of the complaints require technical visits or costly customer service procedures that are usually insufficient to solve the problem and drive customer service costs even higher.  All of these factors leave customers dissatisfied and more likely to churn, driving the lifetime value of customers down and impacting the overall profitability of the ISP.

This lack of visibility renders ISPs unable to detect and fix WiFi issues proactively; and, in a broader sense, assess the direct KPI results of their strategic and investment decisions.

“Our wider studies demonstrate a clear correlation between healthy WiFi connectivity KPIs and Customer Satisfaction. We built Lifemote specifically to detect the problems, assess solutions, and deliver clear results that allow everyone to have healthy WiFi connections.” 

We are happy to present our solution that tackles the problems with Wi-Fi proactively at the Telecompaper Innovation Awards this year to Telecom Insights 2022.

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